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Time To Ramp Up Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Don’t wait to Ramp Up Your Real Estate Marketing Plan –

Prime Home Buying & Selling Season Is Around The Corner!

When is home buying season?  Contrary to recent trends and due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Summer is now the prime home buying season.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to ramp up your real estate marketing plan, supercharging your efforts.

What can you do to prepare for the home buying & selling season?  Adapt to the times, keep up with real estate marketing news, and leverage digital real estate marketing tools.  Let’s dive a little deeper into how you can incorporate these into your real estate marketing plan.

Keeping Up With Real Estate Marketing News

When you keep up with real estate marketing news, you position yourself as an expert in your field.  Additionally, using this information in posts on social media will show your prospects you are in the know and on top of things.

For example, due to current circumstances digital open houses have become very popular.  As well as the ability to conduct the majority of the home buying process digitally.  If you haven’t already done so, learn how to conduct a virtual open house.

Leveraging local market content is another way to show you keep up with current real estate news – especially as it pertains to the neighborhoods you service.  Posting local market updates should certainly be a part of your real estate marketing plan.  One way to do this is to send out monthly local market newsletters.  Zentap offers a great automated option for this.  By sending these out, you will not only remain top of mind; but also show your clients and prospects that you are an expert in your area and the best real estate agent to help them.

Leveraging Real Estate Marketing Tools

With any profession or trade there are certain things that are absolutely necessary to have in your tool belt.  You should know how to best leverage these  tools and how to use them well.  Here are a couple that are imperative to bettering your real estate marketing plan.

  • Real Estate Marketing Flyers  As a real estate professional, there are a variety of flyers that you should be using to help you grow your brand,such as new listing flyers, open house flyers, just sold , and YTD local market flyers.  You can utilize these flyers on social media and in emails to attract new prospects, drive traffic  to current listings, and up the attendance rate of your open houses.

In summary, if you want to ramp up your real estate marketing plan and be a sought-after agent, harnessing the power of digital content and tools is where it’s at.  There are a number of apps for your phone to help you create quick content on the go, but using a robust all-in-one marketing solution like Zentap will benefit you greatly in the long run.  Not to mention, save you a lot of time and money.

If you have questions or comments about this blog, or how to get access to these powerful tools for your real estate marketing plan contact [email protected] and one of team members will be happy to help.

Real Estate Marketing Tips

How To Conduct A Real Estate Virtual Tour

With today’s norm drastically changing due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Creating a Real Estate virtual tour is essential for showing homes to prospective buyers while maintaining a physical distance.  Luckily it is now easier and more affordable than ever to create a virtual tour!

With traditional media, like pictures and videos, it is often very difficult to get a sense of a property without actually visiting it first.  You should be conducting a live or recorded video virtual tour. This can help buyers get a feel for your home without having to visit it in person.

What equipment do you need for a virtual tour?

Your smartphone is really all you need, but it is recommended to use a tripod with a rotating head and a phone mount to make your video as smooth and professional as possible.   There are additional items you can purchase to enhance recording with your phone, such as Bluetooth remotes, and add on lenses that can help you take your video game up a notch.

How to make a real estate video tour

Real estate virtual tours allow buyers to digitally tour a home you have for sale.  You can create a live video, allowing for prospective buyers to engage with you while you walk around the home.  You can also record the video tour, creating a virtual experience for the home that you can also add to your single listing website to enhance the experience.  Keep in mind, your virtual tour should show your home on its best day ever!

To conduct the real estate virtual tour follow these steps:

  • Before you conduct the video tour, make sure to test all of your video equipment, making sure you are familiar with how to use it; and that it is fully charged and working. Check your camera lens, wipe with a lint-free cloth to ensure no smudges so you can provide the clearest picture.
  • Make sure the home is free of clutter.  Remove any objects you might accidentally trip on.  Hide unnecessary items that you don’t want to be shown in the tour, like cleaning supplies and trash cans.  Make sure any pets are out of the home too.
  • Ensure that proper lighting is adequate throughout the home.  Taking note of what time of day the sun comes through the windows, that is the time you want to conduct your video tour.  Go around to all the windows, blinds, doors and open them and be sure to turn on all the lights.
  • Do a test run.  Walkthrough the property creating the best route for touring each room.  Create a script for what you want to say about specific features and areas of the home. Remember this is not a photograph, you want to keep things moving (not too slow and not too fast) while keeping the camera as steady as possible.  This takes a little bit of practice but isn’t hard to do.  *Note: It’s easier to walk smoothly across the floor without your shoes.
  • Start from the exterior and work your way through the home and out the back.  Remember this is not a photograph, you want to keep things moving.  Finish on your end mark and don’t forget to smile.

Additional benefits of creating a virtual tour to sell a home

There are many benefits of offering a real estate video tour. Have you ever taken the time to tour a home, only to be disappointed with how different the home is from the pictures? 

Still, photos can sometimes be misleading, but video tours allow prospective buyers to get a more accurate feel for how the home is laid out. Because of this the people you speak to who see this video will be more likely to be high-intent buyers who have invested more time in the research phase.

Use these videos for social media marketing.  Put it on your Facebook Business page, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.  If you still think the best strategy is putting a property on the MLS and let it sell itself, think again.  Boosting your listings with video tours and video marketing will increase your sales substantially. 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent that uses real estate videos for marketing. 86% of homebuyers use video to research a particular community.  Source Inman

Chat with one of our trained sales agents to find out about additional video marketing tools that you can leverage from Zentap by clicking here.

Real Estate Marketing Tips

How To Leverage Email For Real Estate Marketing

As a real estate agent, you should be leveraging email for your real estate marketing.  Make sure you are spending time nurturing your clients to gain their loyalty. 

Because houses are typically not an impulse buy, the process requires a lot of thought and consideration.  Properly utilizing email marketing will help you push prospective buyers into making a decision.

Use These 6 Emails In Your Real Estate Email Marketing:

  1. Introduction Email
    Create a basic email you can send to all new leads when they are added to your database.  For real estate email marketing, keep it short and sweet.  Make sure to include a professional signature in this.  Ensure all your contact information is correct.  You should also include links to your social profiles, website, and any testimonials you have.
  2. New Listing Email
    Utilize templates to simplify this process and keep your branding consistent.  Make sure you highlight the most important information about the listing.  Include well lit, high-quality images of the property.

  3. Open House Email Announcement
    When marketing open houses, you should go above and beyond with your real estate email marketing.  Highlight the value of the property you are selling with a branded email flyer template.  Greatly increase your attendance rate by sending emails to prospective buyers.

    Listing Flyer Template | Zentap 

  4. Just Sold Announcement
    Showcase the results of your efforts and how hard you work for your clients to attract the right buyers.  Including a positive testimonial will up your clout as well.

  5. Reconnect With Personal Message
    Show your prospective clients that you are not just a realtor.  That you’re a person who cares about helping them.  Use this as an opportunity to show your involvement with the community and showcase how you have helped in some way.

  6. Monthly Newsletter with Local Market Updates
    Stay top of mind with informative content as part of your real estate email marketing strategy.  Utilize monthly newsletters with updates on the community and local market reports so you can share valuable information.  Mention if there is a new business in the area.  Perhaps the school is getting a new playground.  Take this as an opportunity to highlight positive buying indicators.Year To Date Local Market Report | Zentap

Things To Keep In Mind About Real Estate Email Marketing

When creating your emails, remember that timing is everything.  You want to stay top of mind, but you don’t want to flood their inbox with emails.  Finding a good balance is key.  Create a monthly calendar to create a cadence to what you send and when.  

To find out more about how Zentap can help you with your real estate email marketing needs, plus how you can get access to unlimited branded videos and local market content click here.  You can also contact us directly to set up a demo by emailing [email protected]

Real Estate Marketing Tips

2020 Top Real Estate Marketing Trends You Should Be Using

If you are not utilizing Digital Marketing and are a Real Estate Agent, you’ll quickly be left in the past.  We have put together the Seven Top Real Estate Marketing Trends of 2020.  Utilizing these will keep you ahead of your real estate game!

The biggest difference between a successful agent and an unsuccessful one comes down to their marketing efforts. How they develop and sell their brand depends on a multitude of factors.  One of which is where and how they advertise their business.

Here are 7 things you must do with your real estate marketing in 2020.  Start implementing these now.

Doing these things will help you stand out from the competition and grow your business’ bottom line.

1. Invest In A Professional Website

Make sure you have a professional mobile-optimized website with accurate information.  If you don’t already have one, you should make this your number one priority.  It’s imperative for your 2020 Real Estate Marketing plan.  Having a website not only allows you to showcase who you are.  It showcases your properties all in one place.  This greatly increases the potential for you to be found in web searches and increases your chances to acquire new prospects.

2. Implement a Local SEO Strategy

Just having a website is no longer enough.  You need to make sure you have a local SEO (search engine optimization) strategy implemented as part of your real estate marketing strategy.  Ensuring you have a proper strategy and site structure will generate substantial “free” traffic from Google and other search engines.

3. Publish Market Studies

This is a great nurturing tool for connecting with prospective clients.  Show them that you are an expert in your neighborhood.  While staying top of mind with branded local market updates and newsletters.  You can leverage these reports by using them in email campaigns, social posts, and on your website.  Sharing local market content helps generate more interest in your audience.  Plus, keeps you at the forefront of your community.

4. Get Active On Social Media

Leveraging social media as part of your real estate marketing is imperative.  It gives you the ability to highlight your success, connect with new prospects, and stay connected to clients.  Use a combination of general posts about important community topics, customer testimonials, local market reports, listing videos, and informative marketing video.

5. Leverage Video Marketing

Utilizing video in your marketing has been proven highly effective when advertising your business and listings. We highly recommend utilizing high-quality marketing videos of your properties.  Such as customer testimonials, or high-quality videos that showcase your company.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram allow you to post videos.   All of these platforms offer incredibly targeted advertising as ell.  This will increase your online brand awareness by 54% and increase the potential to close a customer by 93%.

6. Make It Easy For Leads To Contact You

The easier it is for you to be contacted, the better.  Don’t lose out on a prospect opportunity because you are busy.  By leveraging a chatbot to automate your response on your Facebook business page you will greatly increase your opportunity to connect to those you would otherwise miss.

Want to find out more about 2020 real estate marketing trends and the tactics behind these trends that will grow your business?

You can click here or contact [email protected]  Zentap offers a number of solutions for all these trends as well as dedicated support, every step along the way.