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4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need To Use Video

If You Are Not Using Video, You Risk Losing Out BIG.

The home buyer and seller have evolved and listing and marketing videos are your most prized commodity to capture their attention.  Plus, videos have been proven to be highly effective in increasing inquiries for listings by 403% more than a listing without.

The problem is that most real estate agents do not know where or how to get started with creating listing and marketing videos.  Mostly because there is a misconception of a need for content creation skills, fancy software, and a big investment.  None of this is true and you can easily create unlimited videos with a platform like what Zentap offers.  In today’s day and age, Real Estate Agents must be utilizing video as a major component in their overall marketing strategy.

It is now not a secret that people love engaging video content and real estate experts like Tom Ferry also claim that video is absolutely essential for businesses. In one of his podcast episodes, Tom Ferry speaks about why you should consider making video content for your business and also shares tips and ideas on what kind of content to create.

In this blog we are going to focus on why you should commit to utilizing videos to market your real estate business.  We will explain how this will help you get more clients and amplify your brand’s digital presence.

1. Video Helps Establish Brand Presence & Trust

Establishing your unique brand in real estate is a major priority.  You need to establish what makes you the best choice as people’s “go-to” agent.  Leveraging video to convey this message is a great way to help define your brand.  Video allows you to express your brand better than in pictures and text and really tell your story.

For example, leveraging client testimonial videos is a great way to establish trust.  Add your branding to these videos with a proper call to action at the end and this will help prospects connect the trust with your brand even more. Plus, you get to use a review someone left on your Google page on your website, social media platforms or in email campaigns and really gain traction from it.

2. Use Video Content On Your Website To Help You Stand Out

Almost every agent has a website these days.  But just having a website without any engaging content is not unique.  To be unique, you should include local market video content, listing videos, and infomercials. In fact, according to Forbes, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.

Providing content beyond just your contact information and current listings is beneficial.  This is because you are providing information about the areas that your listings are in.  Which is just as important as the property itself.  Giving as much information as you can to your potential customers will help provide them with a more secure feeling when making a decision and keep them on your site while they do their research.

3. Home Owners Look For Video Content A Lot More Now

Current studies show that 90% of homeowners start their search for a real estate agent online.  When they are searching, video is the number one type of content that engages both buyers & sellers.

Pictures are great, but adding listing videos will generate more views and inquiries.  You should also leverage those videos with local market content videos.  This will showcase your knowledge in your area and people will view you as an expert in your field. Think about it – while they may not be looking to buy or sell today, engaging them with content that is relevant to them – like local market stats – will keep you top of mind for when they are looking to make a move!

Here is an example of a Comparative Listing Video, which combines Local Market Information for the area with a Listing Video.

4. Video Greatly Increases Home Buyer & Seller Lead Conversion

Get this: 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video!  Plus, homes listed with video get four times more the number of inquiries of homes listed without.  (Source: Google/ NAR Study).


With that being said, it’s a no-brainer that you should be using video in your marketing.  Especially with virtual tours and Open Houses given the current pandemic, video is here to stay, and not having a good video strategy can be a deal-breaker for those looking to sell their home.

The good news is that it’s really never too late to start using video in your real estate marketing.  You can start small and work your way up and look for solutions that make it simple and easy.  Zentap offers a multitude of video marketing solutions that allow you to create branded videos in minutes, plus access to our dashboard where you can create…..insert list here.

Want to learn more about the video solutions Zentap offers? You can go here or email [email protected] and a team member will be happy to help.