4 Innovative Tips to Use for Your Instagram for Business Marketing

Whether you love real estate, traveling, or fashion, digital marketing is changing the way consumers gather information. With multiple outlets for gathering information, Instagram is like window shopping for the life you wish you had. In regards to real estate agents and their use of Instagram as a marketing tool. For real estate agents, it opens up a whole world of new marketing opportunities for realtors to promote their business. Real estate agents should post information about current listings, open houses, and community events regularly to drive traffic to their pages. Check out these 3 innovative tips to promote your real estate business on Instagram.


Use Stories

Instagram stories allow users to post photos and videos featuring filters and drawings that will disappear after 24 hours. While it may seem like a useless feature for businesses, using stories can help improve visibility and engagement. They’re meant to be real and raw which helps you connect with your audience on a more personal level. Even though the real estate industry is very professional, it is important for your followers to get to know your personal side as well. 


Use Locations/Maps

Tagging your location on photos allows your photo to be seen when people search look up that particular location on Instagram. This feature shows others that you are active in your community by tagging photos in certain cities and community events. In addition, it allows you to be found online by locals looking to buy or sell a home.



Instagram is a great way to advertise your business. It allows business accounts to create sponsored posts which drive awareness to their business, increase engagements, and boost their reach. It enables users to choose their target audience. Furthermore, users can choose their target audience based off of certain demographics, locations, interests, and behaviors. 



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