5 Advanced Realtor Tips for Social Media Marketing

Real estate marketing has completely moved online to social media due to today’s technology-based way of life. What used to be an industry dependent on traditional marketing has become an industry that relies heavily on social media. Right now it’s more important than ever for real estate agents to create a social media presence for their business. By enhancing your strategy and optimizing your posts, you can achieve great results for your real estate business. Here are 5 advanced tips that will help you take your real estate marketing to the next level.


Get a social media scheduler like Buffer or Hootsuite to automate posting

Having a social media management platform helps to ensure that you are posting frequently enough to keep up and engage with your followers. Often times, page-owners get caught up with their other daily tasks and forget to post. Media management platforms enable you to plan out your posts and captions. In addition, these platforms allow you to track your analytics to ensure that your social media is making as big of an impact for your brand as possible.


Network with other notable influencers in and out of your market

Influencers are media users who have a large presence. When you network with influencers, you are giving your brand and page exposure to their followers. When the influencer you have networked with is in a relevant field, this can result in more leads.


Showcase your savvy with video to differentiate your brand from others

Video posts will generate more fascination than a static post. The average user will slow down while scrolling through their feed when they come across a video post. Not only does a video on your post create more initial interest, they also assist in relaying the same amount of information as a boring text post can.


Include follow buttons on your real estate website

Adding social media follow buttons to your website removes the process of a viewer having to search for your page among a massive amount of competing pages in order to find your media accounts. These buttons help when you are on multiple platforms and your client can see every one which they can follow you on.


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