5 Innovative Realtor Tips for Social Media Marketing

Anyone can create a social media post on Facebook or Instagram regarding new listings and open houses. In order to set your real estate marketing tactics apart from other competitors in the industry, try incorporating these 5 innovative tips into your posts. Joining twitter discussions, engaging with potential clients online, running social media contents, and publishing original content are some of the many ways you can create a successful social media presence which will allow you to generate leads and be found my potential home buyers and sellers.

Join a Twitter discussion (or run your own) to start a conversation

Starting a conversation via Twitter lets your clients know that you are “in the loop” so to speak. A well thought out, targeted Twitter discussion can help to build trust in you and your brand. When in a Twitter discussion, you have a guarantee of connecting with like-minded users.

Start or join social media groups and engage on them regularly

Just as in Twitter discussions, social media groups are a great place for you to develop discussions with like minded individuals, network, and create exposure for yourself. Posting and commenting on real estate-related social media groups will allow you to generate outside leads from potential buyers and sellers.

Run a social media contest

Online contests are essentially a digital win win. Basically, your company creates a post offering a giveaway or sweepstakes to a lucky winner. Contests offer a great way for you to engage with your audience and grow your social media following. In addition, employing this method reflects that your company is generous which conveys social responsibility and good morale.

Publish new, original articles on LinkedIn’s publisher network

LinkedIn is a great space to perpetuate intelligent, business-based discussions. Publishing your own articles on LinkedIn is greatly beneficial in representing the professional side of you. When your viewer can witness your intelligence in action, they can visualize you as an excellent business to trust.

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