8 Reasons Social Media Marketing is Vital for Your Real Estate Business


Gone are the days where consumers and customers go through print spreads for certain products or service they would like to purchase. If you are one of those companies that do not advertise using social media, you better move fast and get accustomed to this powerful medium before it’s too late.


Here are 8 reasons why social media marketing is vital for your business:


1. Social media allows you to connect with a new audience

Whether you’re trying to reach the younger crowd like the millennials or the baby boomers, you will much more likely reach them through social media. Stats show that more time is spent on social media than any other medium today and people now often look at a businesses social media platforms to see how professional and up-to-date they are. 

Having a well branded social media presence can show your prospects and clients that you are keeping up with the times but more importantly, that you know how to market yourself AND thus, market their listings. A turn off for most buyers and sellers would be an agent that does not know how to use the medium to help them get results!

2. A presence on social media allows you to interact with customers

In this day and age, consumers and customers alike look at social media as a part of their daily lives, some people can’t live without checking their social media accounts – and as a business, you need to take advantage of that fact.

Repetition is key when it comes to marketing and whether you are also using other marketing methods to get your name out, social media is another way for you to be top of mind and for your network to remember that you can help them buy and sell a home when they are ready. 


3. Social media marketing allows you to retarget audiences

Social media platforms allows you to retarget your audiences. This means if someone visits your website or you have an email for them, you can retarget them, meaning show them your ad, on certain sites that do this. You never know where someone is in their customer journey but retargeting allows you to reach out to them again and again so that through repetition, they remember your name and business.


4. Social media allows you to build your reputation as an agent

One of the most important reasons why real estate agents need to be using social media websites to promote their business is to build their reputation. When you are able to position yourself as an industry expert, it will be a lot easier to attract new clients. You can do this by having good, thought-provoking content for your users. For example, providing your Twitter followers or Facebook fans with insightful, quality content will get them to want to interact with your posts and slowly trust you. 

5. Your competition is already on social media

Your competitors are already on social media. 91% of the world’s businesses already have a social media presence. The barriers to entry for social media are very low and it does not cost anything to create an account on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Intsagram. BUT, if you want to stand out, it’s important to invest in the quality of content you are posting and make sure you are standing out from your competition! 

6. Social media boosts your companies SEO

Let’s face it, nowadays the first thing people do when they want to know more about a business is “Google it”. No one knows exactly what goes into Google’s formula for how they rank and show their search results, but one thing they have announced many times is that they do index and take into account content on your social media pages.  Having a presence on social media will help boost your rankings and allow your name to show up closer to the top when someone types in the relevant search. 


7. To network with others agents and prospects

Another reason why real estate professionals should be taking advantage of social media websites is to network within the real estate industry. You may have a buyer looking for a specific home and another agent you interact with on social media has a pocket listing for something that suits your buyer’s needs.  Social media connects people and can often lead you to what you are looking for. Also, reaching out to your current and past clients through your Facebook page is an excellent way to ask for referrals for your business. At the end of your posts, you may want to prompt your readers to share your article or link with someone that they know who is looking for a new house. Using social media to network with your current and past clients is a highly effective way to generate new business.


8. Social media marketing is fun!

Social media marketing provides companies a leeway to have some fun! With this medium of marketing, content managers can integrate campaigns that are witty, funny, colorful and stay relevant with what’s trending and popular to build relationships with clients and customers during these ever-changing and competitive times.

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