Brand Awareness Demystified

Brand Awareness

For some of you, the notion of Brand Awareness is something either you don’t think is valuable or simply do not understand exactly what it is and how to increase it.  That‘s why for this week’s blog post we are going to help shine some light on the subject and demystify it.

Let’s start with defining what Brand Awareness is not.  It is not Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Email Campaigns.  Those efforts help grow your engagement after you have created the awareness.

Before you look to get people to convert, you need to gain trust and credibility by having a reputable brand. Think of brand awareness as a Super Bowl commercial or a billboard in a prominent area – it helps people become familiar with a product or service by seeing that name and ad and creating repetition, which ultimately drives sales.

Brand Awareness is recognition of your service by your brand name. Creating brand awareness is key when promoting your real estate brand.  Awareness of your brand includes highlighting the qualities that distinguish you from your competition.  Meaning you’re top of mind for buyers and sellers in your area when they think of an agent.

How Brand Awareness Works

Consistency is key in brand awareness.  If you are bipolar with your message and the image you present, then your brand will be perceived as unstable.  Your brand image is your first impression, and we all know first impressions are everything.  Buying and selling a home is a big decision.  The more you can display that you are stable and trustworthy, the more you will be perceived as such.

If you have a cohesive brand image you will easily grow your awareness.  This means everything that represents you on social media, your website, and elsewhere.  For example, your logo, headshot, branded colors, website, and bio’s should all be consistent.

You can create this awareness in person at social mixers (if and when possible) and on social media.  Join groups that align with your brand and things you support in your community.  Be your branded self while being genuine in these situations.  Take every opportunity you can to validate who you are, what you offer, and how you can help.


Brand Awareness Vs. Lead Generation

Although these two have a common goal to drive action, they are not the same.  Brand Awareness increases the size of your audience.  Lead generation targets certain people in your defined audience to get them to trade contact information for your service.

If you have properly carried our best practices for establishing your brand, your lead generation will be that much more effective.  This is because once your ad pops up, users will have already had exposure to your name and brand.  Which means they will be a lot more willing to convert. This is exactly why brands spend millions of dollars on brand awareness campaigns.

Ponder this, the more times you see a Pepsi commercial, the more likely it is that you will buy Pepsi when you go to a store or to order a drink  – that’s a fact.  Additionally branded content used with lead generation helps reinforce your audience’s awareness of your brand.

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