Build Brand Trust by Leveraging Social Media

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If you want to build and maintain relationships with prospects, you need to first build brand trust. As a real estate agent, you can leverage social media to convey your trustworthiness. There is a very easy way to do this when done right. In this blog post, we will share a few strategies that will help you improve your brand trust.

Define Your Story to Build Brand Trust

Real estate agents are great with storytelling, but oftentimes don’t carry this over into their social media presence. Too often they just post pictures of listings and other real estate content without posting anything relatable. Telling your story and sharing content about who you are in addition to your real estate content helps break down the wall. Doing this makes you become more relatable. It’s common knowledge that if you can relate to someone, you are more likely to trust them.

Not sure what to post that will help tell your story? Share why you got into real estate. Share posts about things you do in the community. Create a content calendar based on national holidays and relate them back to you if applicable. These are just a few examples of what you can post to build brand trust.

Content Calendar Example for Brand Trust | Zentap
This is the one we created for our clients in March that we send out to them on a monthly basis. If you want to receive these along with other added benefits, we invite you to sign up!

Share Your Local Market Knowledge

The average person uses social media several hours a day. All of these people are looking for content that provides value to them. Some of the more trending content and Instagram reels focus on educating people about something.

Real estate agents have access to a plethora of local market data and knowledge. You can leverage this to build brand trust by sharing it in posts. Local Market Report videos and Single Data Snapshots are a great way to do this. You can also create a fun reel showing your face and sharing this information in an engaging text bubble format.

Local Market Info to Build Brand Truct | Zentapa
Example of Local Market Single Data snapshot shared on on Agent Instagram page.

Build Brand Trust by Engaging

If you want to be trustworthy, engaging with comments and your follower’s posts is one of the easiest ways to do this. We know that as an agent you are always super busy. But, setting aside some time in your day to engage on social media will payout in the end and allow you to remain top of mind and relevant.

Think about this… would you want to trust someone who never responds or someone who does. It’s just another step in improving your brand trust so that you can close more deals.

All these tips for social media, when done in a consistent manner, will help you grow your brand trust. As you think about how to implement these strategies on social media, Zentap offers additional services that can help you build your brand trust and overall digital presence. To find out more schedule a call with one of our trained marketing specialists by clicking here.

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