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Real Estate Agent Branding

Creating A Digital Brand

Creating your personal real estate brand is imperative to the success of your real estate digital marketing.  We are now in the era of digital real estate. Because of this, It’s more important than ever to establish your brand identity.  Your brand identity should be carefully thought out and well-executed.  In this blog post you will learn how to brand yourself as a real estate agent and leverage it in your digital marketing. 

How To Brand Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

Establish Your Brand Name In Real Estate and stand out from your competition.  Define Your Brand Identity, you want to make sure you are recognizable.  You need to choose a brand message that will evoke an emotion and feeling you want from your prospects and clients. This will be the slogan unique to you and your real estate brand.  You will use this throughout your marketing.  That is why it’s crucial to have continuity and avoid brand confusion.

Your logo should be a symbol of your brand message.  Something that when people see it, they immediately think of you.  Color is also very important to your logo.  You want to select colors that help with evoking that message.  For example, the color red can signify strength and importance.  You should stick to 2- 4 colors for your real estate brand.  These colors should also be incorporated into your logo.  You should also define your brand traits.  Is this a feminine brand, is it serious or is it more playful, etc…  The design of your logo and brand message should properly represent the brand traits you choose.

To ensure you are always consistent with your brand, create some brand guidelines.  This should be your holy grail for all things that are your brand.  Save it on your desktop that way you can reference it easily at any time.  Upholding your branded guidelines for your real estate brand will generate the familiarity and reliability that open the doors to brand loyalty. 

In your brand guidelines you should define the following:


  1. Audience Personas – Who is your client?  Define what your niche is and who falls under this.  Remember you can’t please everyone, so pick what you feel your best with and stick to it.


  2. Competitor Research – Know who the other Real Estate Agents are in your area.  Look at what they are doing so you can find your niche. This will also allow you to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Leverage this knowledge to highlight and play to your strengths.   
  3. Brand Message – This is the slogan you have chosen.  You want to make sure it is in the tone of voice you chose for your real estate brand and also provides what your brand mission is.


  4. Your Brand Identity – What your logo is and any variations.  As well as your branded colors and a visual example of each.

Building A Strong Digital Presence & Brand Awareness

After you have defined your real estate brand and created your brand guidelines it’s time to promote.  With Digital Marketing you want to make sure you hit each of these and apply your branding.

  • Agent Website – First impressions are everything.  Your website branding needs to stand out and look different from your competitors’ websites.  This is your digital office.  People find you, contact you, learn about your listings, and read reviews.  
  • Social Media – Think of this as an extension of your first impression. First, choose the right platforms to promote your real estate brand with and choose the proper name.  In addition to you having your logo as part of your profile, make sure to incorporate a professional headshot.  You want to ensure that when someone finds you on social media, you leave a lasting, positive impression.  
  • Email – Applying your branding to emails will help you look more professional.  It will also help people feel familiar with you and leave out doubt about who the email is from.  Make sure to create a branded signature with your headshot, logo, and contact information.  Depending on your email service provider you can do this from the settings or you can use an email signature generator like this one.
  • Video – Make sure your marketing videos have your logo and colors.  That they properly represent your real estate brand and your message is always clear.  You can utilize video templates like these from the Zentap dashboard.  These help you stay consistent and are easy to add your branding to.

Follow these steps for branding yourself as a real estate agent and you will have guaranteed success. 

If you need help or have any questions please email [email protected] or visit to get zen with your marketing.

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