Get More out of your Facebook Business Page

Here are some tips and resources you may find useful to get the most out of your Facebook Business Page:

Invite Existing Friends To Like Page

Inviting friends to like your Facebook page can be very beneficial in increasing your engagement! However, be cautious, you mainly want to invite people in a similar market or people who you think would engage with your page. Facebook will use your invites to show your page to “Similar” people, so invite wisely!  

Set up Social Media accounts on new accounts you haven’t tried yet

Facebook is not the only platform you should use. To reach a wider array of audiences, every social media platform attracts a different set of audiences. LinkedIn, for example will attract more of a business-professional audience than a platform such as Instagram, however, you do not want your online presence to be exclusive to business-professionals as it would greatly limit your overall reach. Therefore, diversifying your social media presence will get you and your business more leads.

Post Regularly on each Social Media platform to Drive more site Traffic

Posting regularly is a display of your consistent activity on your social media. First off, this is a representation of your willingness to communicate to your audience. Secondly, it tells your audience “I pay attention to my social media”.

Engage with your network

When engaging with your network, this not only makes you more relevant in that social network platform. Engaging with your audience also improves your Search Engine Optimization rankings within that networks algorithm, as well as google.

Include Follow Buttons on your Real Estate Website

Adding social media follow buttons to your website removes the process of a viewer having to search for your page, among a crowded marketplace in order to find your media accounts. These buttons help when you are on multiple platforms and your client can see every one which they can follow you on.

Showcase your savvy with Video to differentiate your brand from others

Video posts will generate more fascination than a static post. The average user will slow down while scrolling through their feed when they come across a video post. Not only does a video on your post create more initial interest. Video also assist in relaying the same amount of information as a text post in a more captivating, search engine friendly way.

Share your Page to your Personal Timeline

Let your friends, family and peers know about your Page by sharing it to your personal timeline. This helps you spread the word about your business and build your Page’s influence on Facebook.

Ask friends to recommend your Page

Close friends can be great advocates for your business. Send friends a message asking them to share your Page with their networks.

So what does this mean for you? As a real estate professional, you can use a cover video in a variety of ways. You could upload a virtual tour of one of your new listings, or maybe one or two testimonials from some of your clients. There are plenty of possibilities!


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