Grow your real estate agent business with this essential online marketing Toolkit

Grow your real estate agent business with this essential online marketing Toolkit | Zentap Blog

As a real estate agent trying to survive in a highly competitive market, you need to promote yourself using all the tools and means available to you.

In the digital world, marketing isn’t just about creating an advertisement and using some sort of software platform to broadcast it in front of your prospective clients.

This doesn’t work.

In fact, this annoys people and pushes them away instead of attracting them.

The age of the Internet has totally altered the way people seek information, whether they need this information to educate themselves, or to make better financial decisions.

If your clients are trying to find you, they are not going through a printed brochure or a magazine or newspaper these days.

They are finding you online.

They’re looking on Google. They’re looking on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Unless you are a celebrity, they’re not trying to find you by your name. They are simply looking for a real estate agent in Bay Area California.

Are they able to find you on Google?

Maybe they’re not even looking for you. They simply want to find information about the area they would like to buy a property in.

Or they’re going through property reviews on different blogs.

The key to your success as a real estate agent is, people should be able to find you when they need you, no matter what they are looking for.

If they cannot find you, you’re practically non-existent to them.

You need to exist. You need to exist with a bang.

For this, you need to maintain a presence, and by maintaining a presence we don’t mean having a website or a landing page or a Facebook page and then going about other things in your life.

Yes, having a website is very important.

Having a landing page is very important.

Having a Facebook page is very important.

But by themselves, they cannot achieve much for you.

You need to constantly engage your audience.

You need to post high-quality, relevant content on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing basis, because your competitors are constantly posting content to overshadow your content (knowingly and unknowingly).

You need to constantly engage your audience, so they trust you and remember to contact you as soon as they need you.

How do you do that?

As you have read above, the key is, maintaining a vibrant presence on all possible social media platforms.

What does “maintaining a vibrant presence” entail?
<li>Regularly posting high-quality engaging content.</li>
<li>Selecting the right format based on the social media platform.</li>
<li>Gathering analytics data and then streamlining your campaigns based on the intelligence obtained.</li>
<li>Responding to people’s queries and comments and encouraging them to get in touch with you whenever they have a question about real estate.</li>
<h2>Why continuously posting engaging content is the key to succeeding online as a real estate agent?</h2>
Ads are passé. Especially on the Internet.

Advertising is obstructive. It is annoying.

Take your own example: here you are, browsing your favourite website, or going through your Facebook timeline and suddenly pops an ad in front of you.

Don’t you quickly scroll away? If you know how to do it, you even let the platform know that you don’t want to come across that ad.

Do you actually watch ads before YouTube videos? Don’t you just skip them as soon as the mandatory 5 seconds are over?

In fact, people dislike coming across ads on the Internet so much that you get ad-blockers embedded into the browsers these days. The upcoming browser, Brave, has been specifically designed to block ads.

<a href=””>This Statista link</a> shows that in 2019, 26.4% people in the United States use one or another form of ad blocking and by 2020, the figure is projected to reach 27.5%.

And these are people who are actively blocking ads. The number of people skipping ads without blocking them or getting annoyed all the time, is definitely higher.

On the other hand, <strong>people don’t skip engaging content</strong>. In fact, they are constantly looking for it.

They make an effort to find engaging content.

They go through their social media timelines. They pay attention to the content posted by their peers, relatives and colleagues. They search for solutions-oriented content on Google.

If you are regularly posting interesting, valuable, useful and engaging content on different platforms, people begin to associate your brand, your name, with useful content.

They begin to respect you. They want to take advice from you. They want to keep track of what you say. They want to share your content.

They form positive associations with your name.

Search engines like Google and social media platforms are constantly looking for new content to index and include in the timeline.

They don’t want outdated content.

Hence, you need to publish fresh content regularly on your website/blog and you need to post useful and engaging content on various social media profiles regularly.

Promoting yourself through your website and social media profiles isn’t a one-off activity.

It is an everyday job.

You can either go on promoting yourself with your content, or let your presence be inundated with content from other real estate agents.

There is no third option.
<h2>Dominate all major social media platforms without hiring a social media marketing team</h2>
There are numerous social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

There are two ways you can focus on multiple platforms:
<li>Hire a dedicated social media marketing team.</li>
<li>Use a social media automated marketing tool like Zentap.</li>
There is a 3rd option: You yourself spending hours creating high-quality content, posting it on various social media platforms, keeping track of the data, analysing the data, streamlining your campaigns, and also interacting with platform users.

We understand that the third option is not viable because you can either manage your business or your social media marketing campaigns.

We also understand that for an average real estate agent, hiring a social media marketing team isn’t financially viable.

Hence, the best option is an automated marketing tool like Zentap.
<h2>What problems does Zentap solve for you?</h2>
The two biggest problems faced by real estate agents trying to create a dominant presence on various social media platforms are:
<li>Creating high-quality niche content in platform-specific formats.</li>
<li>Posting and scheduling that content and keeping track of the interactions that happen through the content.</li>
Zentap instantly solves these problems.

Just fill in the information specific to your business and Zentap uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality content pre-populated with your unique information.

Then, from within your dashboard, you can schedule your updates for various social media and social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

You can also keep track of the various engagements through a single dashboard instead of individually visiting different platforms.

No writing skills needed.

No graphic design skills needed.

No video-making skills needed.

An intuitive interface drives your entire social media marketing campaign.

Zentap helps you create attractive videos with embedded messaging – you can publish these videos on Facebook and your job.

Have a look at <a href=”″>this example</a> of a video created through Zentap and then posted on Facebook.

Wondering how to create a high-impact Facebook page for your real estate agent business? Zentap can certainly help you create a killer Facebook page.

Creating social media profile pages is just a small part of creating an impactful presence on the social media platforms.

The crux of your success lies in constant posting of strategic content so that your target clients (who are looking for various real estate investment or selling opportunities) can find you at their own discretion.

Zentap is a complete social media marketing powerhouse that gives you the following, while demanding no technical and marketing skills at your end:
<li>AI-driven high-quality content generation.</li>
<li>Different content formats for different social media platforms.</li>
<li>Scheduling and publishing of content on multiple platforms.</li>
<li>Tracking interactions.</li>
Using a social media marketing tool like Zentap is all about creating and maintaining a presence on multiple platforms in such a manner that people are able to find you through the useful information they are looking for.

Quality and regularity are the keys. This is where Zentap proves to be indispensable.

If you don’t provide quality content, people won’t pay attention to you no matter how regular you are. They will either unfollow you or the artificial intelligence used by the social networks will push your updates out of their timelines.

Even if you provide quality content, if you are not regular, they will lose track of your presence. They may appreciate the occasional update that they receive from you, but since there is so much there on the Internet to take their attention away from your updates, your name won’t register.

After getting initial information from you, Zentap automatically creates high-quality content using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It also helps you schedule postings for multiple networks at the same time.

This way, 80% of your social media marketing takes place in the background while you focus on building your business on the ground.

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