How To Leverage Email For Real Estate Marketing


As a real estate agent, you should be leveraging email for your real estate marketing.  Make sure you are spending time nurturing your clients to gain their loyalty. 

Because houses are typically not an impulse buy, the process requires a lot of thought and consideration.  Properly utilizing email marketing will help you push prospective buyers into making a decision.

Use These 6 Emails In Your Real Estate Email Marketing:

  1. Introduction Email
    Create a basic email you can send to all new leads when they are added to your database.  For real estate email marketing, keep it short and sweet.  Make sure to include a professional signature in this.  Ensure all your contact information is correct.  You should also include links to your social profiles, website, and any testimonials you have.
  2. New Listing Email
    Utilize templates to simplify this process and keep your branding consistent.  Make sure you highlight the most important information about the listing.  Include well lit, high-quality images of the property.

  3. Open House Email Announcement
    When marketing open houses, you should go above and beyond with your real estate email marketing.  Highlight the value of the property you are selling with a branded email flyer template.  Greatly increase your attendance rate by sending emails to prospective buyers.

    Listing Flyer Template | Zentap 

  4. Just Sold Announcement
    Showcase the results of your efforts and how hard you work for your clients to attract the right buyers.  Including a positive testimonial will up your clout as well.

  5. Reconnect With Personal Message
    Show your prospective clients that you are not just a realtor.  That you’re a person who cares about helping them.  Use this as an opportunity to show your involvement with the community and showcase how you have helped in some way.

  6. Monthly Newsletter with Local Market Updates
    Stay top of mind with informative content as part of your real estate email marketing strategy.  Utilize monthly newsletters with updates on the community and local market reports so you can share valuable information.  Mention if there is a new business in the area.  Perhaps the school is getting a new playground.  Take this as an opportunity to highlight positive buying indicators.Year To Date Local Market Report | Zentap

Things To Keep In Mind About Real Estate Email Marketing

When creating your emails, remember that timing is everything.  You want to stay top of mind, but you don’t want to flood their inbox with emails.  Finding a good balance is key.  Create a monthly calendar to create a cadence to what you send and when.  

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