Instagram Tips That Can Help Grow Your Real Estate Business

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In the current digital age, Instagram has become one of the best marketing strategies for realtors to grow their business. As a real estate business owner, it is essential to use Instagram as a digital marketing tool to reach potential customers. Instagram has an expansive user and is an excellent platform to showcase your listings, connect with clients, and build your brand.

In this article, our marketing experts will discuss some of the best Instagram tips to grow your real estate business:

Create A Professional Instagram Account

Creating a professional account is the first step to growing your real estate business on Instagram. A professional account should have a profile picture, bio, and contact details. Use your logo as your profile picture, and ensure your bio contains relevant information about your business. Including your website link in your bio is also crucial to drive traffic to your website.

Post High-Quality Photos And Videos

Instagram is a visual platform, and you must post high-quality photos and videos to attract potential customers. When posting pictures of your listings, ensure that they are well-lit and showcase the property’s best features. You can also post videos that give a virtual tour of the property. Use Instagram’s filters and editing tools to enhance your photos and videos.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags, as you might know, are a great way to increase your reach on Instagram. When you use hashtags, your posts will appear in the search results for that particular hashtag. Use relevant hashtags such as #realestate, #houseforsale, and #realtor. You can always create your own branded hashtags to make it much easier for people to find your posts.

Engage With Your Followers

Engaging with your real estate business’ followers is integral – to growing your real estate business on Instagram. Respond to comments, direct messages, and tag people in your posts. Engage with other real estate business owners and potential clients by liking and commenting on their posts. This will help you build relationships and increase your visibility on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are among the best ways to showcase your listings and behind-the-scenes content. You can post photos and videos of your listings and give a glimpse into your daily work routine. Use Instagram’s stickers and filters to make your stories more engaging. You can also use stories to promote your open houses and events.

Collaborate With Other Real Estate Business Owners

Collaborating with other real estate business owners is an excellent way to grow your business on Instagram. You can collaborate with other realtors to promote each other’s listings or host joint events. This will help you reach out to a broader audience and increase your visibility on Instagram.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are an effective way to promote your listings and grow your real estate business. You can target your ads to specific demographics and locations. Instagram ads are also cost-effective, and you can set a budget for your ads. Use high-quality photos and videos for your ads to attract potential customers.


Instagram is an excellent platform to grow your real estate business. By following these Instagram tips, you can increase your visibility, engage with potential clients, and showcase your listings. Remember to create a professional account, post high-quality photos and videos, use hashtags, engage with your followers, use Instagram stories, collaborate with other real estate business owners, and use Instagram ads. With these tips, you can take your real estate business to the next level.

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