Peter’s Video Roadmap to Success

As a new Realtor, Peter opted to work smart instead of hard.
He allows Zentap to create the personalized videos he
needs to get leads & promptly make sales on his listings.

But how does he use videos to bring his business success?
Peter went in with a strategy; Clean up his act, promote his optimized business,
make the sale, and begin a healthy relationship with his clients.

See how Peter improved his business with videos…

Video Destination #1
Facebook Banner

The first thing Peter did with his Facebook page
was get a Facebook Banner Video. After cleaning up
his act, he knew his first impression would be a
lasting one.

Peter was also able to choose a visual style of
video that suited his brand best.

Video Destination #2
Marketing Ad

Peter did not have any listings, yet. In the meantime
he decided the next best thing was to get as many
prospects as possible. The best tool to achieve this
with, is the Marketing Video.

Peter upgraded to a Reach Membership and within
a week he received a fresh batch of new page followers.

Video Destination #3
Open House

Not long after expanding his core audience, Peter
finally had a Listing to sell. After posting an Open
House Listing video, he was able to divert his
attention to the prospects walking through the

Later that day, Peter received an offer and
closed the listing!

Video Destination #4

After making the sale, Peter wanted to go the extra
mile. With a congratulatory video, he was able to
give the Miller family a video to share their news with
friends and family.

The Miller family gave Peter a 5-star review for
his excellent and professional service.

Peter found his roadmap to success using only a portion of
Zentap’s growing suite of Video Content.

You can follow suit, or find your own strategy! The bottom line is, by 2019,
global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all
consumer Internet traffic.

People watch videos whether you use them as a marketing tool or not.
Below you’ll find examples of other Video Content in our suite.

If you have any questions or concerns, or simply want to call and
provide feedback, schedule an appointment.



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