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Real Estate Agent Branding

Creating A Digital Brand

Creating your personal real estate brand is imperative to the success of your real estate digital marketing.  We are now in the era of digital real estate. Because of this, It’s more important than ever to establish your brand identity.  Your brand identity should be carefully thought out and well-executed.  In this blog post you will learn how to brand yourself as a real estate agent and leverage it in your digital marketing. 

How To Brand Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

Establish Your Brand Name In Real Estate and stand out from your competition.  Define Your Brand Identity, you want to make sure you are recognizable.  You need to choose a brand message that will evoke an emotion and feeling you want from your prospects and clients. This will be the slogan unique to you and your real estate brand.  You will use this throughout your marketing.  That is why it’s crucial to have continuity and avoid brand confusion.

Your logo should be a symbol of your brand message.  Something that when people see it, they immediately think of you.  Color is also very important to your logo.  You want to select colors that help with evoking that message.  For example, the color red can signify strength and importance.  You should stick to 2- 4 colors for your real estate brand.  These colors should also be incorporated into your logo.  You should also define your brand traits.  Is this a feminine brand, is it serious or is it more playful, etc…  The design of your logo and brand message should properly represent the brand traits you choose.

To ensure you are always consistent with your brand, create some brand guidelines.  This should be your holy grail for all things that are your brand.  Save it on your desktop that way you can reference it easily at any time.  Upholding your branded guidelines for your real estate brand will generate the familiarity and reliability that open the doors to brand loyalty. 

In your brand guidelines you should define the following:


  1. Audience Personas – Who is your client?  Define what your niche is and who falls under this.  Remember you can’t please everyone, so pick what you feel your best with and stick to it.


  2. Competitor Research – Know who the other Real Estate Agents are in your area.  Look at what they are doing so you can find your niche. This will also allow you to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Leverage this knowledge to highlight and play to your strengths.   
  3. Brand Message – This is the slogan you have chosen.  You want to make sure it is in the tone of voice you chose for your real estate brand and also provides what your brand mission is.


  4. Your Brand Identity – What your logo is and any variations.  As well as your branded colors and a visual example of each.

Building A Strong Digital Presence & Brand Awareness

After you have defined your real estate brand and created your brand guidelines it’s time to promote.  With Digital Marketing you want to make sure you hit each of these and apply your branding.

  • Agent Website – First impressions are everything.  Your website branding needs to stand out and look different from your competitors’ websites.  This is your digital office.  People find you, contact you, learn about your listings, and read reviews.  
  • Social Media – Think of this as an extension of your first impression. First, choose the right platforms to promote your real estate brand with and choose the proper name.  In addition to you having your logo as part of your profile, make sure to incorporate a professional headshot.  You want to ensure that when someone finds you on social media, you leave a lasting, positive impression.  
  • Email – Applying your branding to emails will help you look more professional.  It will also help people feel familiar with you and leave out doubt about who the email is from.  Make sure to create a branded signature with your headshot, logo, and contact information.  Depending on your email service provider you can do this from the settings or you can use an email signature generator like this one.
  • Video – Make sure your marketing videos have your logo and colors.  That they properly represent your real estate brand and your message is always clear.  You can utilize video templates like these from the Zentap dashboard.  These help you stay consistent and are easy to add your branding to.

Follow these steps for branding yourself as a real estate agent and you will have guaranteed success. 

If you need help or have any questions please email [email protected] or visit to get zen with your marketing.

Real Estate Marketing Tips

Marketing Your Real Estate Business During the Holidays

Holidays create a unique opportunity for marketing yourself and your listings to prospective buyers. In this article, we will show you why it is essential to increase your marketing budget or efforts during the holidays.

Real Estate Advertising Costs Decline During Holidays

Holidays give you a chance to level up your game in real estate. Since most agents decrease their advertising budget during holidays, it is your chance to stand out from the competition by increasing your budget and being seen. During this time, you can get more bang for your buck and get much more exposure since most agents decrease their spending and are on vacation mode.

Optimizing Ad Campaigns is a Process 

It generally takes three to six months to raise brand awareness and optimize an ad campaign.  When starting out, you need to test different creative and copy to see what performs better and this may take up to three months. Waiting until January 2020 will result in getting the results around March 2020. Why waste valuable months at the start of 2020 when you can a head start and see the results in January by starting today!  At Zentap, we offer holiday-themed videos and content to give you a kick start in marketing your real estate business so you can hit the ground running in 2020.

People Spend More Time On Their Devices During the Holidays

Holidays provide a unique opportunity to connect with customers. That is because buyers spend more time at home than they do at work and have more time to surf online and see your ads. This is true especially during Christmas, due to the cold weather in many states, people stay indoors more and are on their devices. This creates a great opportunity for you to increase marketing yourself and your listings to capture buyers’ attention during this valuable time. At Zentap, we have powerful tools to create all of the video content and infographics for you and post it to your social media pages. We also offer customizable holiday content that will give you great visibility in the eyes of prospective buyers and sellers.

Taking Advantage of the New Years’ Resolutions

Many aspiring homeowners have New Years resolutions that include buying a bigger home, selling their home, or moving to a location by the sea. These New Years’ resolutions are a great opportunity for you to capitalize as a real estate agent and grow your business. In order to leverage these opportunities, you need to start your campaigns now so you can be the agent of choice when they are ready to make a move and fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions.


Real Estate Marketing Tips

5 Tips for Real Estate Digital Media Marketing

1- Master the Art of Branding

As a realtor, there is nothing more important than your branding. You should brand yourself as a successful realtor in social media to get new clients and keep your current customers. It is essential to send consistent messages across different social media platforms. Building a consistent brand name for yourself in real estate is a must for growing your real estate business. In today’s information and social media age, people search for realtors on Google and social media platforms before they become a customer. They also would like to be connected to their realtor’s social media pages as existing customers. As Zentap, we can help you manage your social media profiles professionally.

2- Provide a Virtual Tour of the Properties

Providing a virtual tour of the home is a surefire way to get the attention of the buyers. For example, you can use your phone and record room by room to show what the unit has to offer. A video of the house helps buyers visualize themselves inside the home. Making sure the video is compatible to watch on different devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets is essential not to lose any customers due to device differences.

3- Make Sure to Share Personal Posts

Sharing personal posts will make you seem relatable. Being seen as an authentic and relatable realtor will help you establish a connection between you and the potential buyers that will increase your sales. In addition, using aspirational stories is a great way to build a relationship with your customers. It is essential to post on Instagram at different times of the day to be seen by most buyers. You can link your posts to your real estate website. We can create a professional real estate website for you at Zentap. Linking your webpage to your post will increase the traffic to your website and increase your leads.

4- Share the Events in the Neighborhood on Social Media

Share great events that are going on around your neighborhood. Sharing events will both create engagement, and it will help buyers to understand how amazing it would be to live in that neighborhood and attending those events. In addition, it is a great way to convince buyers that the location of the house is lively, and the neighborhood is active with exciting events and gatherings. Also, share the events that you will join and invite them to create more engagement and connection.

5- Monitor the Competitive Landscape

Make sure to keep an eye on other realtors to assess the competitive landscape on social media. By keeping an eye on the competitors, you can avoid their mistakes and learn from their successes. In conclusion, knowing the competition will help you greatly to grow your business. Zentap provides valuable marketing material that will help you to brand your real estate business and help you stand out from the competition.

Social Media Tips

This Type of Content Gets 10 Times Higher Reach Than Other Social Posts

There’s one type of content that real estate agents can’t afford to ignore.

According to digital marketing powerhouses Hubspot and G2, it gets 1,200% more engagement and 87% of people say they wish more brands and businesses would use it. Do you know what it is?

It’s video!

Our powerful real estate marketing tool features a treasure trove of scroll-stopping videos to post to your Facebook business page and allows you to customize captions to better connect with your prospects in just minutes, without breaking the bank!

Bonus: You can also send video listings and custom video market reports in your email campaigns for maximum click-through potential and branding exposure!

The demand for more video content is based on the high conversion rates for video, which are through the roof right now. Hubspot’s stats show that adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300%, while embedding videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.


What does that mean for you?

  1. It means that social media posts that include video make you more visible to your target market
  2. Sellers are looking for real estate agents who use video marketing to market their listings
  3. And finally, that if you’re not using video content yet… it’s time to start ASAP.

Click here for a FREE 20-minute demo and 14-day trial and watch the engagement roll in!

Whether our product is the right fit for you or not, you get to keep all of the customized videos you make during the 14-day trial period – no obligation or hassle!

Real Estate Marketing Tips

3 ways to get the most out of your real estate brand

Branding can be hard for anyone , especially if you were not educated or spent at least over a few days researching these key elements that have shown to take businesses over the top. As an agency to continually set the bar for industry disrupting game changers we want to present you with 3 key insights to help you get the most out of your brand. 

Find a niche

Getting a niche is the most profitable strategy behind any brand. It allows you to hyper focus your services around a market that really need your services the most. This benefits you in a plethora of ways: 

  • Consolidate and consistently maintains your value proposition
  • Creates better leads 
  • Generates the referrals you want
  • Enables you to work with the market you work best with

If you are new to the business developing a niche may seem overwhelming, but it is actually very easy. It is as easy as knowing what people you want to work with or work best with. 

Maintain brand consistency and cohesiveness

Small things always make a big dent in the long run…

That is why we at Zentap Stress a cohesive and consistent brand. Not on the maintains your value proposition but something more surface level than that. 

Have the same name, address, website, email and phone number throughout all your directory listings and website. 

Google and other search engines scan every 24 hours to see if your brand name and address across all channels (and there are a lot of them are consistent) and if something turns out incorrect this can have a huge impact on your SEO

Get a Free audit here to see what your rank on your Brand cohesiveness.

Leverage video in 2019

Not all trends are worth following, unless it aligns with your brand and/or there is a major shift in the industry. 

We always hear about sociological trends that humans have a lower attention span than ever before. 

YES, social media has had a huge play in this but nothing will change this going forward. It’s not as easy just to make a great status or post an awesome picture because algorithms just do not support that anymore. Huge factor being this decreased attention span. 

What studies have shown is that people watch video, and social media algorithms like facebook are more willing to show this content because people use their platform. 

We know this is costly, like about $300 per video, but we have a solution for you to create these videos at a fraction of the price. Click here to get your free samples, and see what the possibilities are to get ahead of your competition today!

Real Estate Marketing Tips

How To Market Yourself Online

The internet is filled with many different marketing options, and often times people are overwhelmed by the obstacle of choice.

With Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, and Google, it’s very easy to lose touch when building a brand for your business.

Here are some 5 easy steps to Market yourself online.

1. Stick with the dominant online platforms

To get the most ROI it is always best to stick with the big brands and branch outwards. Google and Facebook are the big players in the online marketing and advertising space that give you behind the scene rewards for using their platform. If you are not tech savvy whatsoever start with Facebook, Your Facebook page is like an online business card for your prospects, make sure it is looking sharp!

2. Leverage your network

After your page is set up, ask all your past clients, business network and friends to follow your page. The bigger network you have the more trustworthy your brand will be when prospects find you.. Reminding clients that reviews are appreciated always helps your business as well, and you’d be surprised how many people would be happy to help you! Social Media Marketing really is word of mouth on a digital platform, so be sure to use the same tactics you utilize offline, online.

3. Use Videos to expand your reach

Algorithms are ever-shifting and what keeps people online these days is video content. Facebook recently shifted its algorithms to show more video content than just statuses or photo posts. Utilizing informative content is the best way to display your brand and position yourself as a market expert. Prospects definitely keep this in mind when ready to buy down the line. Get a Free Piece of Video Content for your brand here.

4. Have Clear and Simple Call to Actions

One of the biggest marketing mistakes brands make is that they do not clearly define what they want prospects to do. Business is like dating – how are you going to have a successful relationship if you do not ask?

5. Engage with your audience

Remember that social media marketing is really just accelerated word of mouth marketing. Even if someone is not physically with that person, they can still get a recommendation or see the great work you do online. Being as helpful or friendly as possible will ensure that you have brand evangelists, Willing to show you off anytime!

These are 5 beginner steps to start marketing yourself or your brand online to get more customers. Just like working out, the results are never achieved overnight. It takes discipline and routine to reap the benefits of digital marketing. We can’t stress enough the benefits on using educational video content to position yourself as an industry expert in your field. Find out here how you can get qualified leads from your local area to your brand today!

Social Media Tips

Is Facebook Dead for Realtors in 2019?

Facebook has created some issues in ad targeting in 2019. Facebook recently stopped ad targeting for zipcodes, age and sex for the housing, employment and credit businesses. This is an effort by Facebook to aid in discrimination in those industries. Though as a good deed for society as a whole, how does this affect your initial advertising strategy?

Well an easy way to generate viable leads in your local area was to target age ranges in your zipcodes looking to buy or sell a home. This worked but it will not work any longer. As a digital marketer you need to take a deeper approach into advertising to this group. There are two workarounds that are actually more beneficial than the easy strategy before. First one being Custom Audiences and the second Lookalike Audiences.

Custom Audiences

A custom audience is an audience created in facebook using data from your personal data. This can mean many things but for example you can take the audience of people who follow your facebook page and run ads to those people. That group of people is called a custom audience. A custom audience can also be derived from your website, video views and even an email list. The email list is where you will get the quickest fix. Using an email list from an open house, or from a list aggregated over time or in your CRM will allow you to run ads to those people specifically. This is great for Hyper Targeting messages or properties.

Lookalike Audiences

A lookalike audience is a brand new set of prospects that have the same behavioral patterns and demographics from the audience you create it from. That might of been a mouthful, but simply using that custom audience with your email list before. Once you create a lookalike audience from that custom audience Facebook will find the same number of people that are like those people in your email list. This is a powerful tool can take your marketing game up to the next level.

These two key strategies will save you from the “real estate facebooking marketing Armageddon” and actually step up your marketing game a few notches. It is important to know that you need to have a custom audience before you make a lookalike audience.

Talk to one of our experts to take advantage of these keys strategies in your business

Real Estate Marketing Tips

Grow your real estate agent business with this essential online marketing Toolkit

As a real estate agent trying to survive in a highly competitive market, you need to promote yourself using all the tools and means available to you.

In the digital world, marketing isn’t just about creating an advertisement and using some sort of software platform to broadcast it in front of your prospective clients.

This doesn’t work.

In fact, this annoys people and pushes them away instead of attracting them.

The age of the Internet has totally altered the way people seek information, whether they need this information to educate themselves, or to make better financial decisions.

If your clients are trying to find you, they are not going through a printed brochure or a magazine or newspaper these days.

They are finding you online.

They’re looking on Google. They’re looking on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Unless you are a celebrity, they’re not trying to find you by your name. They are simply looking for a real estate agent in Bay Area California.

Are they able to find you on Google?

Maybe they’re not even looking for you. They simply want to find information about the area they would like to buy a property in.

Or they’re going through property reviews on different blogs.

The key to your success as a real estate agent is, people should be able to find you when they need you, no matter what they are looking for.

If they cannot find you, you’re practically non-existent to them.

You need to exist. You need to exist with a bang.

For this, you need to maintain a presence, and by maintaining a presence we don’t mean having a website or a landing page or a Facebook page and then going about other things in your life.

Yes, having a website is very important.

Having a landing page is very important.

Having a Facebook page is very important.

But by themselves, they cannot achieve much for you.

You need to constantly engage your audience.

You need to post high-quality, relevant content on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing basis, because your competitors are constantly posting content to overshadow your content (knowingly and unknowingly).

You need to constantly engage your audience, so they trust you and remember to contact you as soon as they need you.

How do you do that?

As you have read above, the key is, maintaining a vibrant presence on all possible social media platforms.

What does “maintaining a vibrant presence” entail?
<li>Regularly posting high-quality engaging content.</li>
<li>Selecting the right format based on the social media platform.</li>
<li>Gathering analytics data and then streamlining your campaigns based on the intelligence obtained.</li>
<li>Responding to people’s queries and comments and encouraging them to get in touch with you whenever they have a question about real estate.</li>
<h2>Why continuously posting engaging content is the key to succeeding online as a real estate agent?</h2>
Ads are passé. Especially on the Internet.

Advertising is obstructive. It is annoying.

Take your own example: here you are, browsing your favourite website, or going through your Facebook timeline and suddenly pops an ad in front of you.

Don’t you quickly scroll away? If you know how to do it, you even let the platform know that you don’t want to come across that ad.

Do you actually watch ads before YouTube videos? Don’t you just skip them as soon as the mandatory 5 seconds are over?

In fact, people dislike coming across ads on the Internet so much that you get ad-blockers embedded into the browsers these days. The upcoming browser, Brave, has been specifically designed to block ads.

<a href=””>This Statista link</a> shows that in 2019, 26.4% people in the United States use one or another form of ad blocking and by 2020, the figure is projected to reach 27.5%.

And these are people who are actively blocking ads. The number of people skipping ads without blocking them or getting annoyed all the time, is definitely higher.

On the other hand, <strong>people don’t skip engaging content</strong>. In fact, they are constantly looking for it.

They make an effort to find engaging content.

They go through their social media timelines. They pay attention to the content posted by their peers, relatives and colleagues. They search for solutions-oriented content on Google.

If you are regularly posting interesting, valuable, useful and engaging content on different platforms, people begin to associate your brand, your name, with useful content.

They begin to respect you. They want to take advice from you. They want to keep track of what you say. They want to share your content.

They form positive associations with your name.

Search engines like Google and social media platforms are constantly looking for new content to index and include in the timeline.

They don’t want outdated content.

Hence, you need to publish fresh content regularly on your website/blog and you need to post useful and engaging content on various social media profiles regularly.

Promoting yourself through your website and social media profiles isn’t a one-off activity.

It is an everyday job.

You can either go on promoting yourself with your content, or let your presence be inundated with content from other real estate agents.

There is no third option.
<h2>Dominate all major social media platforms without hiring a social media marketing team</h2>
There are numerous social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

There are two ways you can focus on multiple platforms:
<li>Hire a dedicated social media marketing team.</li>
<li>Use a social media automated marketing tool like Zentap.</li>
There is a 3rd option: You yourself spending hours creating high-quality content, posting it on various social media platforms, keeping track of the data, analysing the data, streamlining your campaigns, and also interacting with platform users.

We understand that the third option is not viable because you can either manage your business or your social media marketing campaigns.

We also understand that for an average real estate agent, hiring a social media marketing team isn’t financially viable.

Hence, the best option is an automated marketing tool like Zentap.
<h2>What problems does Zentap solve for you?</h2>
The two biggest problems faced by real estate agents trying to create a dominant presence on various social media platforms are:
<li>Creating high-quality niche content in platform-specific formats.</li>
<li>Posting and scheduling that content and keeping track of the interactions that happen through the content.</li>
Zentap instantly solves these problems.

Just fill in the information specific to your business and Zentap uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality content pre-populated with your unique information.

Then, from within your dashboard, you can schedule your updates for various social media and social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

You can also keep track of the various engagements through a single dashboard instead of individually visiting different platforms.

No writing skills needed.

No graphic design skills needed.

No video-making skills needed.

An intuitive interface drives your entire social media marketing campaign.

Zentap helps you create attractive videos with embedded messaging – you can publish these videos on Facebook and your job.

Have a look at <a href=”″>this example</a> of a video created through Zentap and then posted on Facebook.

Wondering how to create a high-impact Facebook page for your real estate agent business? Zentap can certainly help you create a killer Facebook page.

Creating social media profile pages is just a small part of creating an impactful presence on the social media platforms.

The crux of your success lies in constant posting of strategic content so that your target clients (who are looking for various real estate investment or selling opportunities) can find you at their own discretion.

Zentap is a complete social media marketing powerhouse that gives you the following, while demanding no technical and marketing skills at your end:
<li>AI-driven high-quality content generation.</li>
<li>Different content formats for different social media platforms.</li>
<li>Scheduling and publishing of content on multiple platforms.</li>
<li>Tracking interactions.</li>
Using a social media marketing tool like Zentap is all about creating and maintaining a presence on multiple platforms in such a manner that people are able to find you through the useful information they are looking for.

Quality and regularity are the keys. This is where Zentap proves to be indispensable.

If you don’t provide quality content, people won’t pay attention to you no matter how regular you are. They will either unfollow you or the artificial intelligence used by the social networks will push your updates out of their timelines.

Even if you provide quality content, if you are not regular, they will lose track of your presence. They may appreciate the occasional update that they receive from you, but since there is so much there on the Internet to take their attention away from your updates, your name won’t register.

After getting initial information from you, Zentap automatically creates high-quality content using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It also helps you schedule postings for multiple networks at the same time.

This way, 80% of your social media marketing takes place in the background while you focus on building your business on the ground.

Real Estate Marketing Tips

How to connect a Domain to Your new Website

For your site to be identified on the Internet, it should have a domain name that best describes your brand. And if you have chosen Zentap then you’ve got a great opportunity to connect your Custom Domain totally for free.

Here are the primary action steps to take:

Step 1: In order to successfully connect your domain to your Zentap website, you should firstly move to your Domain App and follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’
  2. Open the ‘Domain app’
  3. Click the ‘Connect Existing Domain’
  4. Enter your existing domain name in the ‘Domain name‘ and click ‘Connect
  5. Grab the following 6 DNS records and keep on reading for more insight on how to update these records in your Domain Registrar’s site.

Step 2: Now let’s move to the steps you should take directly on:


  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and open your product.
  2. Select your domain name from the list to access the Domain Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Additional Settings section and select Manage DNS.
  4. On the DNS Management page, at the bottom of the Records section, click Add.
  5. Select CNAME from the Type dropdown and add two CNAME records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  6. Select A from the Type dropdown and add four A records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  7. Head back to your Website’s Domain Manager and hit the ‘Check’ button to finalize the process.

Google Domains

  1. Log in to your account for your domain at
  2. Click on the My Services
  3. Under Manage My Services, click on Manage Services.
  4. Go to Domain Overview and click on Domain Administration.
  5. Select the domain you’re using with G Suite.
  6. Click the DNStab, and select DNS Records.
  7. Click Add New DNS record.
  8. From the drop-down menu, select CNAME and add two CNAME records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  9. From the drop-down menu, select A and add one of the A records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Head back to your Website’s Domain Manager and hit the ‘Check’ button to finalize the process.

Tip: The 2 CNAMES are required. The remaining 4 A Records are recommended to be added to have failover resolution, but if your Domain Provider doesn’t support this number, just like Google Domains, you may add less than 4.


  1. Sign into your Namecheap account.
  2. Select Domain List from the left side menu.
  3. Click the Manage button next to your domain.
  4. Navigate to the Advanced DNS tab and click the Add New Record button in the Host Records section.
  5. Select CNAME from the Type dropdown and add two CNAME records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  6. Select A from the Type dropdown and add four A records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  7. Click on the Save All Changes button each time you need to save the record.
  8. Head back to your Website’s Domain Manager and hit the ‘Check’ button to finalize the process.


Refer this article on how to connect your domain via Cloudflare as it pretty much covers the process step by step.

Step 3: Now all you need to do is wait while the DNS propagation takes effect. It usually takes a few minutes, but depending on your service provider, it can take up to 72 hours to be applied worldwide.
You can check this status of your domain here.

Not sure how to update records?

The domain setup process differs from one domain registrar to another, so we have provided generic instructions for those with GoDaddy, Google Domains and Namecheap accounts. If you are still not sure how to update the records, we recommend contacting your registrar’s support center for the most accurate information.

Tip: In case you don’t want to do all of the above mentioned, you can always hit the ‘Send Instructions’ button, insert an email of a Developer or any other person you need, thus providing him your DNS records without granting access to the edit mode of your Site.

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Need additional help with your domain or anything else at Zentap? Contact our Support Team directly for further assistance.
We’re never more than a click away!

Real Estate Marketing Tips

Real Estate Agent Marketing and Technology Trends 2019

If you don’t have a strong digital presence and visibility, you might as well abandon the idea of staying in the business of real estate.

Sounds harsh? We believe it does, but this is the reality.

Every customer checks you out on the Internet to learn more about you. 

Some may google you, but most of them will log on to their favourite social media platform to check you out.

For example, you have just had a chat with a prospective client who is interested in buying a property that you are representing.

Immediately after talking to you, the prospective client is going to log onto, let’s say LinkedIn, and search for your name.


She doesn’t find you there.

But in the process, she comes across other real estate agents who have maintained an active presence on the platform and ends up contacting one of them.

There goes your business.

A hot lead wasted just because you haven’t created a profile on LinkedIn or, even if you have created a profile, you are not active on LinkedIn.

What if you are active on Facebook and not LinkedIn? What about a good Website? Instagram?

Your prospective client is not going to make extra effort to find you. If her preferred social media platform is LinkedIn, she’s going to look you up in LinkedIn.

If she doesn’t find you on LinkedIn, she’s not going to think, “Well, he is not on LinkedIn, but maybe he’s on Facebook.”

No. Once she doesn’t find you on her preferred social networking platform, she’s going to get disenchanted.

Why is it not possible to operate a successful real estate business without a vibrant social media presence?

Buying and selling real estate property is a high-stakes decision, so people want to be comfortable with your online precense before committing themselves. 

So, if you have just had a meeting with the new prospect, there is a near certainty that she is going to log onto her preferred social networking platform to have a look at your profile, and even to check what the others are saying about you.

There was a time when having an online presence as a business was an exception. Nowadays, not having an online presence as a business is an exception.

In 2019, social interactions are more effective than traditional advertising and marketing. Social validation is a more effective form of online marketing compared to off-the-cuff advertising which is mostly one-way. 

People believe more in peer-to-peer recommendations.

More than your conventional marketing campaign, people trust in what you share as a person through your social networking platform. They trust the comments that people leave in the wake of your various updates.

And if they cannot find you there, or, if they feel that you are not active on their preferred social media platform, they will be less inclined to do business with you.

Social media presence and social media activity is reassuring to your customers.

Why is it important to have your presence on multiple social media and social networking platforms?

As explained above, if your prospect doesn’t find you on LinkedIn, she’s not going to check Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. When she doesn’t find you on LinkedIn, she assumes you don’t maintain an online presence.

Similarly, if she checks you on Instagram and doesn’t find you, she’s going to assume that you don’t have an online presence.

For an average prospective client, if you are not on a particular platform, you are nowhere.

But how do you maintain presence on different social media platforms? Not just maintain presence, but active, engaging presence?

Frankly, it is not possible to be on every social media platform and post high-quality content on an ongoing basis by yourself. Unless you have a dedicated time, the time commitment is too significant

It is not possible, as the sole real estate agent, to track every conversation and then respond to every conversation.

Instead of doing business, you will be doing social networking all the time.

This would be counter-productive.

You can either run your real estate agent business, or you can maintain an active social presence. You cannot do both.

The problem is, you can neglect neither.

The solution is, Zentap, a beautifully simple digital advertising solution for real estate and local businesses.

Zentap is one-of-its-kind social media marketing automated software that you can control with intuitive online forms. Enter the relevant information and it automatically generates high-quality content that goes directly to all social platforms. 

In the subsequent posts, we will be covering stellar features of Zentap, so stay tuned.

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