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Are you Paying to Play on Facebook?

As most of you have probably heard by now, a few months ago, Facebook changed its algorithm — which is a fancy way of saying how things used to appear on your feed when you logged in — to really hurt business pages. So that means if you were a professional business and had a page for your real estate business – which if you do not have by now, please contact us so you are not hurting your business –  your fans were no longer seeing the organic content you would post on your page. This change significantly hurt a lot of businesses and some smaller ones even closed their doors because they relied so heavily on Facebook’s organic traffic to drive business.

Why did Facebook make this change? Because Facebook is a BUSINESS, really an advertising platform, and not a “social media network” like most of us think. Facebook wants businesses to now “pay to play” and if they want users to see their content, they need to pay Facebook for that valuable exposure. But the problem is that not all types of content will generate effective results on Facebook and most people waste thousands of dollars on trying out various ineffective ad campaigns on Facebook because they are not familiar with their confusing Ad Manager tool but if done correctly, Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool. It allows you to hyper-segment your audience, meaning really specifically target them, which is not possible with most marketing tactics.  Targeted ads on Facebook allow you to reach people outside of your current business page followers.

Also, if done effectively, Facebook is one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms and can allow you to reach over 5,000 people a month for a fraction of what you would pay using other marketing tactics. And, if you do this with engaging content, such as video, your ads will get 3-5x more traffic and visibility. Leveraging video marketing is a powerful strategy to promote, brand, and grow your business online. More consumers are interacting with videos today than ever before and, it’s vital to boost and ramp up your video marketing to connect with your audience. Videos have a compelling way of fostering engagement, yielding results like click-throughs, shares, lead generation and sales.  Make sure you set your agency apart from competitors with captivating personalized video content and a robust marketing strategy that is maximizing your exposure on Facebook.

Facebook Reach

3 Innovative Tips for Realtors – Facebook Reach

When it comes to getting the most out of your Facebook page looking at the Insights is a great place to start. Understanding where the data comes from, interpreting and then putting it into a strategy can greatly increase the impact of your Page. This article goes above and beyond the basics and explains to you the additional innovative metric features that you can incorporate into your strategies.

Here are Zentap’s Top 3 Innovative Tips for Lead Generation – Facebook Reach:


#1 Think critically about who liked, saw, or engaged with your Page.

The People tab is a simple overview of the people who liked your Page, saw your posts, or engaged with your Page or posts. What’s interesting is that people who saw or engaged with your posts are not necessarily only your fans. This creates the differences in percentages. For example, while 41 percent of our fans are women, 55 percent of people engaged are women. This could imply that our posts tend to be more interesting to women than men.


#2 Stay on top of Response times and Messenger analytics.

The Messages tab shows you the performance metrics of your conversations with people on Messenger. The longer you set your stats (i.e. the last 28 or 180 days) the better you can gauge how your business is doing over time.


#3 Go even further into analytics with Promotions, Branded Content, and Local.

These tabs might not be as relevant to most people as those above or they might not even appear for you. But if they do, they can be useful in understanding your customers and help you be more specific in your reach strategies. In conjunction with other features, you can determine the best time to implement a promotion to boost traffic. By using branded content you can benefit from high quality content shared with audiences from trusted sources. Local insights are especially helpful to realtors working in a specified area.


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Top 4 Advanced Lead Generation Tips for Realtors

Here are Zentap’s Top 4 Advanced Lead Generation Tips for Realtors:

Wondering what separates good realtors from great ones? It is remaining focused on your customers. It is so important to develop strategies that will keep you in good graces with the people who support your business. 


1)  Send personalized gifts after a sale to show your thanks to your clients.


This is an excellent way to stay connected to your former clients. An act of kindness such as this can lead to multiple five-star reviews and personal recommendations.


2)  Develop a referral system with other real estate agents in your market.


Sometimes, you and your peers may not have exactly what your clients are looking for. Developing a referral system amongst other real estate agents is a sure-fire way to gain organic leads. No money needs to be spent on this marketing system, and it secures potential clients.


3)  Check in with clients a month and year after their housing transaction.


When your clients hear back from you, it is a good measure of how much care you put into your business. A good display can go a long way, and this is one of the easiest ways to make one.


4)  Develop a podcast and host on iTunes to earn leads and nurture clients.


This is another easy way to keep your clients informed of the care you put into your profession and update them on your current operations (i.e. Listings, Sold Homes, etc.)


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Facebook Reach

Facebook Reach – Top 4 Advanced Tips for Realtors

Facebook Insights and its many analytics data can tell you about pretty much everything that happens on your company’s Facebook page. However, it is up to you to determine how to use the data and develop effective strategies that will reach your customer goals.

Here are Zentap’s Top 4 Advanced Tips for Realtors – Facebook Reach:

#1 Look at what people did on your Page.

The Actions on Page tab allows you to understand what people do when they are on your Page. Actions are “Get Directions”, clicking on your phone number, clicking on your website, and clicking on your action button. If you are a local business “Get Directions” might concern you more. Or if you are an online business, the number of website clicks could provide relevant information.


#2 Check out how well your posts are performing.

The Posts tab contains all the information about your posts such as reach and engagement. You can also boost your posts from this tab directly. You can use this section to determine the “best time” for your brand to post on Facebook and adjust your posting strategy accordingly.


#3 See how successful your event pages are.

If you often organize Facebook events, the Events tab will enable you to be more data-driven by providing you with key data of your events. You can find out what’s working and what’s not working with your event promotion. You get data such as the number of people who saw your event, the number of people who responded to your event, and the demographics of your audience.



#4 Follow up on how well your videos are performing.

The Videos tab tells you how well videos are performing on your Page. Using the 10-second view rather than lower video views (i.e. the 3-second view), is more indicative of the number of engaged views. Looking at the top videos can give you a quick idea of the kind of videos that perform well among fans.


After developing these advanced skills, you will want to discover more innovative ways that you can reach your customers using Facebook Insights. To learn how visit Zentap’s and read our post about Innovative Tips to Lead Generation – Facebook Reach.

Lead Generation Series

5 Beginner Realtor Tips for Lead Generation

Realtor Lead Generation

With all the tools available to a Realtor for Lead Generation to use in our current marketing environment. It can be hard to choose which tools to invest to generate leads for your Real Estate Practice. Luckily, Zentap is here to help with our launch of our Realtor Lead Generation Series. Here we will describe best practice solutions to get your practice thriving!

Make a Pipeline

A pipeline is where you store your leads, and create updates on where that lead is on their where to becoming a client. An easy place to start is using an Excel Spreadsheet using each column as a check to see where they are in your pipeline. This can be the basis for your pipeline until you are ready to use a Customer Relationship Manager, another way to track and follow up with your leads. 

Follow up with leads immediately after they convert to nurture them

This conveys to your lead that you are around to promptly assist them. As a result of a prompt follow up, the more secure your lead will feel with your business. For more info on Follow Ups, Check out our Realtor Follow Up Series.

Send info to leads that will inform them about their market and listings

Sending information that specifically pertains to your leads about the market and listings are very beneficial. This will show them that you gave enough effort to put in some research for them. Catering to their specific interests and surroundings will ultimately result in a very satisfied potential customer.

Develop your target customer personas so you know who to market to

An essential portion of all marketing practices is setting up your target audience. Through developing an understanding of where your marketing resources should be allocated. In order to preserve them in the long-run. In addition to preserved resources, you will get a reduced ad cost on your ads for better targeting. 

Cold Call Expired and FSBO Listings

The best leads are leads that are in urgent need of your services. Therefore, Expired and For Sale by Owner Listings are great ways to get a hold of potential clients that can lead to a close without the risk of being a selling agent. Be sure to have a good sales script going into these calls.

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