Generate New Leads – Intermediate Tips for Realtors

5If you consider yourself pretty good at generating new leads, here are some tips for how to make your life as a realtor a little easier, simpler and as a result, more effective. Generate more and more leads by automating upkeep of preceding customers and taking your new generation campaigns to the next level by adding multimedia elements.


1)  Connect your email or text messaging to lead capture forms on your site.


Your leads capture forms will immediately grab the attention of your users when they visit your site. To maintain your awareness of said users, connect your email or phone to the form so that you receive updates on who’s been visiting your site and developed an interest.


2) Streamline communications by leveraging marketing automation software.


Using marketing automation software helps you focus on other tasks. Most tools and apps available will be able to assist in a variety of tasks that take up a lot of your time. This is, essentially, outreach made easy.


3) Use  your real estate CRM/lead management system to track clients’ needs.


CRM’s are practically a digital secretary. They organize all of your tasks without risk of forgetfulness. Customizing your CRM to fit your tasks at hand will be imperative to your real estate needs.


4)  Share an event calendar or use an app to simplify your scheduling.


Using calendars is the tried and true method of staying updated. Even those with the best of memories can be caught missing a meeting or a deadline. Setting up a calendar with time-appropriate notifications will be your best friend during busy periods.


So now after following these cues, you will have already established yourself as a lead-gen realtor. If you want to go above and beyond your peers, take these tips and add the Advanced skills outlined in the next segment of our series.


Lead Generation Series

5 Beginner Realtor Tips for Lead Generation

Realtor Lead Generation

With all the tools available to a Realtor for Lead Generation to use in our current marketing environment. It can be hard to choose which tools to invest to generate leads for your Real Estate Practice. Luckily, Zentap is here to help with our launch of our Realtor Lead Generation Series. Here we will describe best practice solutions to get your practice thriving!

Make a Pipeline

A pipeline is where you store your leads, and create updates on where that lead is on their where to becoming a client. An easy place to start is using an Excel Spreadsheet using each column as a check to see where they are in your pipeline. This can be the basis for your pipeline until you are ready to use a Customer Relationship Manager, another way to track and follow up with your leads. 

Follow up with leads immediately after they convert to nurture them

This conveys to your lead that you are around to promptly assist them. As a result of a prompt follow up, the more secure your lead will feel with your business. For more info on Follow Ups, Check out our Realtor Follow Up Series.

Send info to leads that will inform them about their market and listings

Sending information that specifically pertains to your leads about the market and listings are very beneficial. This will show them that you gave enough effort to put in some research for them. Catering to their specific interests and surroundings will ultimately result in a very satisfied potential customer.

Develop your target customer personas so you know who to market to

An essential portion of all marketing practices is setting up your target audience. Through developing an understanding of where your marketing resources should be allocated. In order to preserve them in the long-run. In addition to preserved resources, you will get a reduced ad cost on your ads for better targeting. 

Cold Call Expired and FSBO Listings

The best leads are leads that are in urgent need of your services. Therefore, Expired and For Sale by Owner Listings are great ways to get a hold of potential clients that can lead to a close without the risk of being a selling agent. Be sure to have a good sales script going into these calls.

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