Social Media Marketing Series

5 Beginner Tips on Social Media Marketing for Realtors


In a crowded Real Estate Market on ground and on-line, it is now getting more complicated to get facetime with your customers. This is the first post of our Realtor Social Media Marketing Series. Here we will describe how to get your online brand launched and the basics to developing a dominant online practice.

Set up social media accounts on new accounts you haven’t tried yet

Facebook is not the only platform you should use. To reach a wider array of audiences, every social media platform attracts a different set of audiences. LinkedIn, for example will attract more of a business-professional audience than a platform such as Instagram, however, you do not want your online presence to be exclusive to business-professionals as it would greatly limit your overall reach. Therefore, diversifying your social media presence will get you and your business more leads.

Create custom social media bios for each platform that explain your brand

This is the easiest way to convey to your followers what makes you a great Realtor. While creating your bio, you should elicit the most essential, appealing qualities of doing business with you. Your bio is your greatest asset in delivering a brief, effective sales pitch.

Invite friends and family to like your social media pages or follow you

Friends and family are greatly beneficial to the success of your social media because you can rely on them to actively participate frequently. When new viewers see activity on your posts, it creates a more attractive imagery of you and your brand. With this newfound imagery, viewers will find that your social media presence is vastly more approachable.

Post regularly on each social media platform to drive more site traffic

Posting regularly is a display of your consistent activity on your social media. Firstly, this is a representation of your willingness to communicate to your new audience. Secondly, it tells your audience “I pay attention to my social media”

Engage with your network

When engaging with your network, this not only makes you more relevant in that social network platform. Engaging with your network also improves your Search Engine Optimization rankings within that networks algorithm, as well as google.

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Listing Series

5 Beginner Realtor Tips for Listings

5 Beginner Realtor Tips for Listings

Every Realtor loves Listings, being a listing agent is guaranteed commission as long as you close before your contract ends. Once you close the contract, now you need to close the listing.   This is the first post of our Realtor Listings Series. Here we will give you some basic tips on to better showcase your listing.

1) Promote all of your listings on every social media outlet you can.

When you promote your listings well through social media, you will see noticeable results. Utilizing every possible outlet reaches a greater audience due to the fact that not every social media user uses the same platforms.

2) Construct great real estate listing copy to make your listing appealing.

Writing copy is valuable to your clients as pictures can only convey so much. Make sure that your copy is not too lengthy and only contains the most vital and unique details of your listing.

3) Get your listing the most views as possible by utilizing video.

Video content is now the algorithm friendly norm for online platforms like Google and Facebook. Creating your listing into a video will give your listing more of an organic reach in today’s digital ecosystem.

4) Get your listing on Online Listing Platforms

Post your listings on websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin. As a result, your listings will get free traffic from the users on the website. The more eyes on your property, the higher of a chance you will find a suitable buyer.

5) Network with Realtors

Having a strong network of realtors allows you to find buyers for your listing most efficiently. If you know a Realtor who works with a particular price point, you will be able to close faster. As a result, increase your reputation among your market.

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