Real Estate Marketing Tips

Marketing Your Real Estate Business During the Holidays

Holidays create a unique opportunity for marketing yourself and your listings to prospective buyers. In this article, we will show you why it is essential to increase your marketing budget or efforts during the holidays.

Real Estate Advertising Costs Decline During Holidays

Holidays give you a chance to level up your game in real estate. Since most agents decrease their advertising budget during holidays, it is your chance to stand out from the competition by increasing your budget and being seen. During this time, you can get more bang for your buck and get much more exposure since most agents decrease their spending and are on vacation mode.

Optimizing Ad Campaigns is a Process 

It generally takes three to six months to raise brand awareness and optimize an ad campaign.  When starting out, you need to test different creative and copy to see what performs better and this may take up to three months. Waiting until January 2020 will result in getting the results around March 2020. Why waste valuable months at the start of 2020 when you can a head start and see the results in January by starting today!  At Zentap, we offer holiday-themed videos and content to give you a kick start in marketing your real estate business so you can hit the ground running in 2020.

People Spend More Time On Their Devices During the Holidays

Holidays provide a unique opportunity to connect with customers. That is because buyers spend more time at home than they do at work and have more time to surf online and see your ads. This is true especially during Christmas, due to the cold weather in many states, people stay indoors more and are on their devices. This creates a great opportunity for you to increase marketing yourself and your listings to capture buyers’ attention during this valuable time. At Zentap, we have powerful tools to create all of the video content and infographics for you and post it to your social media pages. We also offer customizable holiday content that will give you great visibility in the eyes of prospective buyers and sellers.

Taking Advantage of the New Years’ Resolutions

Many aspiring homeowners have New Years resolutions that include buying a bigger home, selling their home, or moving to a location by the sea. These New Years’ resolutions are a great opportunity for you to capitalize as a real estate agent and grow your business. In order to leverage these opportunities, you need to start your campaigns now so you can be the agent of choice when they are ready to make a move and fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions.


Lead Generation Ideas

Nurture Buyer Leads with our Premium IDX

Are you annoyed by how ugly your IDX looks from your MLS?

This is what a typical IDX looks like…  Imagine a potential buyer looking at this, they might think you are running on dial up.

With companies like Trulia and Zillow it can be challenging to compete with an IDX like the one shown above. The user experience is night and day.

How can your IDX look with Zentap?  The photo below is what yours can look like customized to your brand colors.

Check out this video below to see a brief walkthrough of the IDX in action

Here at Zentap we are trying to help you be a step ahead. Not only does our IDX provide a beautiful user experience but it also collects leads and automatically sends these leads new homes on the market based on their search criteria.

Real Estate Marketing Tips

What is a Domain?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is a domain, anyway?” Well, take a look up there at the top of the screen. See that part at the top of your browser window in the URL bar? It’s the part that starts with “http://” in the address bar. The second part of the URL is the domain.

Let’s continue with a phone analogy. You’ve probably got a long list of contacts saved in your mobile phone. Each contact has a unique phone number. When you want to call someone, you usually click on the contact’s name rather than typing in the full phone number.

Domain names are just like a contact in your phone. Rather than typing a complicated set of numbers (the IP address) into your browser, you type in a domain name. That domain name is human-friendly and much easier to remember than an IP address. All domain names are connected to a unique IP address.

If you would like to migrate your domain yourself please watch our tutorial with the video below.

If you would like us to migrate your domain for you please complete this form and we will have your website ready to go in the next few days.


Real Estate Marketing Tips

How to connect a Domain to Your new Website

For your site to be identified on the Internet, it should have a domain name that best describes your brand. And if you have chosen Zentap then you’ve got a great opportunity to connect your Custom Domain totally for free.

Here are the primary action steps to take:

Step 1: In order to successfully connect your domain to your Zentap website, you should firstly move to your Domain App and follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’
  2. Open the ‘Domain app’
  3. Click the ‘Connect Existing Domain’
  4. Enter your existing domain name in the ‘Domain name‘ and click ‘Connect
  5. Grab the following 6 DNS records and keep on reading for more insight on how to update these records in your Domain Registrar’s site.

Step 2: Now let’s move to the steps you should take directly on:


  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and open your product.
  2. Select your domain name from the list to access the Domain Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Additional Settings section and select Manage DNS.
  4. On the DNS Management page, at the bottom of the Records section, click Add.
  5. Select CNAME from the Type dropdown and add two CNAME records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  6. Select A from the Type dropdown and add four A records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  7. Head back to your Website’s Domain Manager and hit the ‘Check’ button to finalize the process.

Google Domains

  1. Log in to your account for your domain at
  2. Click on the My Services
  3. Under Manage My Services, click on Manage Services.
  4. Go to Domain Overview and click on Domain Administration.
  5. Select the domain you’re using with G Suite.
  6. Click the DNStab, and select DNS Records.
  7. Click Add New DNS record.
  8. From the drop-down menu, select CNAME and add two CNAME records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  9. From the drop-down menu, select A and add one of the A records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Head back to your Website’s Domain Manager and hit the ‘Check’ button to finalize the process.

Tip: The 2 CNAMES are required. The remaining 4 A Records are recommended to be added to have failover resolution, but if your Domain Provider doesn’t support this number, just like Google Domains, you may add less than 4.


  1. Sign into your Namecheap account.
  2. Select Domain List from the left side menu.
  3. Click the Manage button next to your domain.
  4. Navigate to the Advanced DNS tab and click the Add New Record button in the Host Records section.
  5. Select CNAME from the Type dropdown and add two CNAME records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  6. Select A from the Type dropdown and add four A records provided by Zentap to complete the required fields.
  7. Click on the Save All Changes button each time you need to save the record.
  8. Head back to your Website’s Domain Manager and hit the ‘Check’ button to finalize the process.


Refer this article on how to connect your domain via Cloudflare as it pretty much covers the process step by step.

Step 3: Now all you need to do is wait while the DNS propagation takes effect. It usually takes a few minutes, but depending on your service provider, it can take up to 72 hours to be applied worldwide.
You can check this status of your domain here.

Not sure how to update records?

The domain setup process differs from one domain registrar to another, so we have provided generic instructions for those with GoDaddy, Google Domains and Namecheap accounts. If you are still not sure how to update the records, we recommend contacting your registrar’s support center for the most accurate information.

Tip: In case you don’t want to do all of the above mentioned, you can always hit the ‘Send Instructions’ button, insert an email of a Developer or any other person you need, thus providing him your DNS records without granting access to the edit mode of your Site.

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