Meet The
Zentap Team

Meet the team behind Zentap!

Zentap empowers real estate professionals with a true all-in-one marketing solution by automating branded digital content, lead generation, and brand awareness. Our innovative software and marketing expertise enables real estate professionals to save time and money, allowing them to stand out in today’s competitive landscape and focus on what they do best. 

Zentap’s automated digital marketing tools and unlimited branded content helps real estate professionals stand out among the competition with Local Market Updates, Single Data Snapshots, Comparative Market Analysis, Listing Videos & Flyers, Open House Videos, Testimonial Videos, Infomercials, & more. From professional websites and automated social posting to exclusive email campaigns and lead generation, we help agents scale their business and reinforce their brand.

Betty Gabbaie


Betty is a marketing, communications, advertising, and social media professional with over 20 years of experience. She spent 10 years with Herbalife launching their social media presence and creating online tools and also ran digital marketing and PR for the leading women’s fashion direct selling brand Cabi Clothing. Betty has also worked with global brands such as Honda Motors, am/pm, as well as startups and small businesses.

Betty also teaches various marketing courses at UCLA Extension and loves to spend time with her three boys when she is not working!

David Atmojoana | Chief Growth Officer | Zentap

David Atmajoana

Chief Growth Officer

David is a very important part of our company. His dedication and effort across all facets from marketing, to product, to customer service and beyond has helped the company grow substantially.

Not only is David a hard worker, when he has free time he enjoys surfing and is also a yoga instructor!

Orr Yakobi | CTO | Zentap

Orr Yakobi

Chief Technology Officer

Ruby on Rails enthusiast with a passion for clean code. Orr Yakobi is a first-generation college graduate with a Math and Computer Science degree from the University of California, San Diego. He oversees all of our Zentap products and our powerful dashboard.

Orr spends countless hours leading the product team to ensure that what we offer our clients is the best product out there and is always coming up with innovative updates and offerings. When he’s not working around the clock, Orr spends time with his fiancée and family. Also, sometimes as a deejay!

Brianna Thompson | Zentap

Brianna Thompson

Director of Customer Success

Starting from the bottom and working her way up to the top, Brianna has been with Zentap since our inception, in a sales position, quickly learning everything about the services we provide and the importance of keeping our clients happy, as well as the inner workings of everything that goes behind the functionality of our software. She has exceptional leadership skills which landed her in the current position of Director of Customer Success, managing and directing all Account Managers as well as acting liaison between them and the engineers. Brianna also manages her own accounts and provides excellent customer support so if you have any questions, feel free to ask her directly! 

Brianna is very career-driven and made Zentap her choice over nursing school, which she previously explored. In her free time, she loves to go camping and attend live racing events such as NHRA and Formula One racing. 

Oren Cohen | Executive Creative Director | Zentap

Oren Cohen

Executive Creative Director

With over 10+ years of experience in graphic design and motion graphics animation, as well as 7+ years as a video editor, Oren has established himself as the go-to expert in all facets of design.

Prior to becoming the creative leader at Zentap, Oren worked at Storm Studios and other LA-based film & tv agencies having had clients such as Mercedes, FX, CBS, and more. Oren spends his free time flying his drone and snapping photos around LA.

Sormeh Attarzadeh | Zentap

Sormeh Attarzadeh

Account Manager & Co-Founder

Sormeh is one of the founding members of Zentap and one of our rockstar Account Managers. This role is a perfect fit for Sormeh because she has the opportunity to focus on three things she is very passionate about client success, sales, and social media marketing.

Sormeh loves helping clients achieve their goals by working hand-in-hand with our client success team to learn and implement the latest marketing and real estate trends that real estate agents can benefit from.

Fun fact about Sormeh – she wasn’t always passionate about a career in marketing and sales. She actually quit law school to pursue this journey. Sounds a bit crazy, but for Sormeh ” the opportunity to work with incredible people and build something unique from the ground up was worth deviating from ‘the safe route’.”

Eyal Cohen | CEO | Zentap

Eyal Cohen


Since co-starting Zentap Eyal has taken on almost every role in the company to not only understand the different facets of the business but also to understand the nuances of our customer journey and better servicing them while delivering the most valuable product.
As Co-Founder of Zentap, Eyal is helping revolutionize the real estate industry through automated data-driven content solutions and marketing technologies to help real estate professionals effectively market their businesses and build their brands. Eyal was also just recently featured in Yahoo News and selected as a recipient of the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 List And this is just the beginning!

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