Top 5 Benefits Of Using Virtual Staging In Your Listings

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Virtual staging is an innovative and effective way to level up your real estate marketing efforts. Over the past year, the demand for a virtual solution to staging properties has skyrocketed. Buyers are less inclined to tour properties in person and agents need to find a faster and more cost-efficient way to cater to buyers’ needs. Virtual staging is just the answer. 

In this week’s blog post, we’ll be identifying the top 5 benefits of using virtual staging in your listings. We’ll be discussing how virtual staging is COVID-proof, risk-free, fast, cheap, shareable, and permanent. 

Virtual Staging is COVID-Proof

The ability to guide clients through a completely virtual tour of a property has become an essential skill in today’s market. During the past year and a half, the pandemic has brought on lockdowns and socialized hesitancy to engage in face-to-face interaction. This has been a huge obstacle for real estate agents trying to stage their properties.

Personal tours and walkthroughs were no longer a viable option. Now, virtual staging is the best and only true solution to eliminating the risks involved with staging properties in person. 

Furthermore, agents who have made the transition to virtual over physical staging have been able to stay ahead of the market and reap the benefits.

Virtual Staging is Risk-Free

Let’s face it, there’s substantial financial risk involved with hiring a staging company to furnish a listing. That risk has become even greater in a market that has lost a huge share of in-person tours and walkthroughs. However, you no longer have to worry about rental fees for real furniture that could add up should your listing stay on the market longer than expected. 

Additionally, staging itself has incredible benefits that agents cannot afford to lose out on. According to Box Brownie, a leader in the virtual staging space, staged properties sell 75% faster than listings with empty rooms and 83% of those properties sell for their asking price or more. By utilizing virtual staging, agents can essentially eliminate all risks involved and reap all of the benefits.

Virtual Staging is Fast and Cheap

It’s true, not only can you expect a fully furnished room within 48 hours of submitting your pictures, but you can also get more bang for your buck. Compared to the cost of actually staging a property, you can save thousands on demonstrating the full potential of your listing to potential buyers.

As you can see below, you can virtually demonstrate high-quality furnished rooms while spending a fraction of the cost. Video is a great way to promote your listing and showcase your virtually staged property. Through Zentap’s dashboard, you can create custom listing videos in just a few clicks! 

Virtual Staging is Shareable

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Virtual Staging is the ability to share images with a client from anywhere, at any time. Once you have your virtual staging images, they’re yours to use in whatever way you see fit. This means that you can share them with clients with just a click of a button.

In other words, no need for scheduling a time for a showing or dealing with conflicting schedules. Everything the client could possibly need can be shared online quickly and effectively. They can then share the video with their partners, friends, and family – eliminating having to schedule more tours.

Virtual Staging is Permanent

When you order virtual staging images from Box Brownie, they are yours to keep. Why is this so important? Let’s say your listing is taking a little longer to sell than expected. You won’t have to pay extra rental fees for real-world staging furniture, just the one-time fee for the images.

Additionally, because the photos are yours to keep forever – if you happen to get that listing again, you are already equipped to virtually re-stage the property. Virtual staging gives you the power to promote and advertise your listing whenever, however, and through whatever channel you want.

To learn more about virtual staging and how it can benefit your business, check out Zentap’s most recent webinar featuring Peter Schravemade from Box Brownie where we discuss how to leverage virtual staging, virtual floor plans, photo modifications to enhance your listings, and much more.

In 2021, virtual staging and virtual tours are the answer to effectively marketing your property. By using a virtual approach to showcasing your property you can retain all the advantages of a beautifully staged home and none of the risks associated with hiring a staging company. Virtual staging will save you time and money and most importantly, close more deals. 

Of course, if you have questions about the information in this blog post or would like to get help with your real estate marketing, please email [email protected] or visit to find out more.

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