Top 3 Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2019


2019 is already here and you should be prepared for changes in consumer habits. As a real estate agent, you should look ahead and strategize a plan of attack for the rest of the year. This way you’ll stay ahead of your competitors by preparing yourself for what’s to come. With that in mind, we’ll discuss a few of the major real estate trends to expect in 2019.

Millennials Buying Homes

Real estate agents must adapt to how these younger buyers are searching for homes. It’s  time for agents to start really utilizing tools like social media and PPC campaigns to showcase the properties they offer. Understanding how today’s buyers are searching for information and making purchase decisions can help agents tremendously in 2019.

Little things like learning real estate photography to upload quality photos and incorporating videos to highlight certain aspects and places within the community that may appeal to millennials, will make a world of difference when selling to these prospective buyers. If you haven’t done so already, it’s also best to keep up with local trends and regulations through real estate continuing education.

Technological Transformation in Real Estate

There will be an influx of buyers in 2019 who are looking to infuse the latest technology into their homes. Rapid urbanization along with population growth will propel the real estate industry as expected in the upcoming years.

But along with those, technology, especially in this digital era will play a bigger role in the industry. Technology has already transformed the process of home buying, as we’ve gone from reading print ads to using mobile apps in a matter of years. Now it’s expected to come in with a bigger influence in 2019’s housing trends and homeowners preferences. Make sure to educate yourself on this so you can help guide your clients.

Rising Trend of Downsizing

Downsizing is a movement that revolves around individuals looking for a simpler, less materialistic way of life. The point is to buy functional homes that meets the owners’ needs and satisfies their way of life, without any excess. As a real estate agent, it’s going to be your job to make it easier for clients to downsize. There will likely be a bunch of queries coming your way, so it’s important to understand why in some cases having less is more. Remember, realtors aren’t just selling homes, their business is also about helping people as they navigate through life changes and very important decisions for their future.

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