Top 4 Advanced Lead Generation Tips for Realtors

Here are Zentap’s Top 4 Advanced Lead Generation Tips for Realtors:

Wondering what separates good realtors from great ones? It is remaining focused on your customers. It is so important to develop strategies that will keep you in good graces with the people who support your business. 


1)  Send personalized gifts after a sale to show your thanks to your clients.


This is an excellent way to stay connected to your former clients. An act of kindness such as this can lead to multiple five-star reviews and personal recommendations.


2)  Develop a referral system with other real estate agents in your market.


Sometimes, you and your peers may not have exactly what your clients are looking for. Developing a referral system amongst other real estate agents is a sure-fire way to gain organic leads. No money needs to be spent on this marketing system, and it secures potential clients.


3)  Check in with clients a month and year after their housing transaction.


When your clients hear back from you, it is a good measure of how much care you put into your business. A good display can go a long way, and this is one of the easiest ways to make one.


4)  Develop a podcast and host on iTunes to earn leads and nurture clients.


This is another easy way to keep your clients informed of the care you put into your profession and update them on your current operations (i.e. Listings, Sold Homes, etc.)


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